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    Xuan Cheng Ming Te Farming Mechanical Co.,Ltd is located in three neighboring provinces at the junction, xuan city.the high village development zone in anhui province. Hangzhou, jia, the lake in the east, north relies on the su, tin, often. From the nanjing lukou international airport 80 kilometers, about hundred kilometers from hangzhou airport. Convenient transportation and advantageous geographical position.
    The company covers an area of about twenty thousand square meters, with a total investment of more than 2300 million. After 16 years of development, the company in the production of feed machinery, granulating machine, extrusion machine, grinder, mixer, single hoist and dust collector of green environmental protection to protect equipment, set the ring die and roller design, forging and making, heat treatment is a body specialized companies.
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Feed particles, and the effects of raw materi
   Feed grain materials and feed particles show figure Rule out the influence fact...
Extend the life of the ring die Focus on [2016-06-24]
Use principle of pellet feed crusher is [2016-04-12]
Effective energy saving measures in the [2013-08-27]
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